Injen Air Intake BMW 228 / 328i / 428 N20/N26

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part Number Polished: SP1122P Black: SP1122WB


Injen Tuned Air Intake w/ MR Tech for F30 328i N20/N26

If you want your BMW F30 328i to perform and breathe better, this Injen Air Intake system is exactly what you're looking for.  It provides significant horsepower and torque increases by allowing cold air to flow into the motor for a more dense mixture.  This creates a healthy environment for your motor and doesn't pose any threats to the reliability and longevity of your motor.  Injen never disappoints because of the high quality construction and some of the largest power increases in the industry.  If you want to get a great product that you can trust and will satisfy your need for speed, the Injen Air Intake for the BMW F30 328i N20/N26 motor is perfect!


2012-2013 F30 328i N20/N26
  • Very noticeable horsepower and torque increases
  • True cold air intake
  • Sharper throttle response
  • Better intake sound
  • Includes air box, box cover and nano web dry filter
  • Tough construction
  • Designed for optimal air flow to filter
  • Easy installation

Injen Air Intake BMW F30 328i N20/N26
Injen Air Intake BMW F30 328i N20/N26 Installed