Pure Turbos BMW N54 PURE Stage 2

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Pure Turbos BMW N54 stage 2 turbo upgrade. Fit 135 and 335 with LHD and RHD. Get free shipping from Extreme Power House

Get the Pure Turbos N54 Stage 2 upgrade today and take advantage of free shipping anywhere in the US !!

PURE N54 Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade!

This turbo upgrade is intended for those looking to hit big power goals while maintaining the stealth OE look under the hood. These turbos can work with both stock 1.81" and larger 2" inlet kits. Feel free to use these turbos with any inlet kit your prefer. We are offering a no charge machined inlets option. We can build these turbos with stock inlets or modified machined inlets, customer's choice. The stock style inlets have no bead roll, and are too short. Silicone hoses want to squeeze off the stock inlets. We created a solution for this by using our machined inlets which feature static friction channels and bead rolls. The inlets simply do not come off with this upgrade.

Provides initial lubrication of new or replaced turbochargers to prevent damage due to oil starvation. Damage to turbocharger may occur within seconds of engine start if not lubricated properly. Pro-Line Turbocharger additive will provide needed protection and allow proper break-in of new units which prevents additional repairs.
* The oil intake passage of the turbocharger is filled to the brim with Pro-Line Turbocharger Additive before the oil supply line is connected. Suitable for all turbochargers. Mixable with all common motor oils.

All our Stage 2 Upgrades come fully optioned with thrust upgrades, billet wheels, etc. There's no extra charge for features we consider standard issue.

-Billet Compressor Wheels
-Bullet Nuts
-Optional Machined 2" Inlets
-HiFlow Turbine Wheel
-Thrust Upgrades
-Wastegate Parts Replaced and Upgraded

Pure Turbos BMW N54 stage 2 turbo upgrade. Fit 135 and 335 with LHD and RHD. Get free shipping from Extreme Power House


-PURE Stg2 Turbos
-BMS Port Injection
-BMS MHD Back End Flash
-Fuel-It Stg3 LPFP
-Motiv Twin Disc Clutch
-Precision Raceworks Inlets
-E85 Fuel


Core Deposit: When you send your cores to Pure, whether for rebuild or to receive a refund of the core deposit, please email the tracking number for your core shipment to
Please note: Not all Pure Turbos are eligible for rebuild or core deposit, specifically if the option is not available in the drop-down menu on our site. Please contact us if you have any questions.
If you pay for the core deposit, PURE will start building your turbo kit immediately. When you receive your new turbo kit, you can send back your OEM core for a refund of the core deposit. Once PURE receives your old turbos, they will be processed and you will receive your core deposit back in the form of a refund. If you do not send your old cores back, you will not receive your core deposit back.
If you do not pay for the core deposit, you will need to send in your cores after purchasing, so that PURE can begin working on your new turbos. PURE will not begin working on your order until they receive you old cores, if you do not pay the core deposit.
On average, orders take 2-3 weeks to ship. Some orders may take longer due to demand. Orders cancelled before 8 weeks will be subject to a 5% nonrefundable merchant fee. In rare instances, a 15% restocking fee may be applicable.
Turbo cores need to be sent to Pure Turbo directly and NOT Extreme Power House. Please send it to Pure Turbo XPH *your order number* 3225 Production Ave Oceanside, CA 92058
Cores must be received within 60 days for a full refund of the core deposit. Please allow 2 weeks from the date of delivery of your core return before requesting an update, if you have not received your refund by then.
All cores are subject to inspection upon arrival. Any returned item with physical damage will be result in denial of return credit or refund. Buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges and original shipping charges are not refundable. The following are examples of turbos that will NOT be refunded: Bent or broken components. Bent, broken or damaged housing. Locked up or frozen components. Missing or damaged wastegate, if applicable.