BMS JB Stage 1 N55 ( E & F Chassis)

1.00 LBS
$15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Expected Gains:
50hp and 60tq





Add the Burger Tuning N55 Stage 1 tune and get up to 60 whp on a completely stock car !!


The BMS JB Stage 1 N55 (E & F Chassis) tuning kit is the ultimate performance upgrade for BMW N55 engines. Designed to optimize engine performance, this tuning solution unlocks the full potential of your BMW, improving horsepower, torque, and throttle response. With the BMS JB Stage 1 tuning kit, you'll experience smoother acceleration, more power on demand, and a more exhilarating driving experience overall. The kit is designed specifically for E and F Chassis models, ensuring that it is perfectly tailored to your BMW's engine. Whether you're a casual driver or a racing enthusiast, the BMS JB Stage 1 N55 (E & F Chassis) tuning kit is the perfect upgrade for your BMW.


N55 Stage 1 Applications:

BMW 1 Series
• 2011+ E87 135i
• 2011+ E82 135i

BMW 2 Series 
 2014+ N55 BMW F22/F23 M235i 

BMW 3 Series
• 2011+ N55 BMW E90 E91 E92 E93 335i/xi
• 2012+ N55 BMW F30 F31 335i/xi 

BMW 4 Series
• 2014+ F32 F33 F36 Coupe 435i / 435xi

BMW 5 Series
• 2010+ F07 535i GT
• 2011+ F10 F11 535i / 535xi

BMW 6 Series
• 2011+ F13 640 Coupe
• 2011+ F12 640 Convertible
• 2012+ F06 640 Gran Coupe

BMW X Series
• 2013+ X1 N55 TwinPower
• 2011+ X3 X5 X6 N55 TwinPower


The BMS JB N55 Stage 1 tune will add up to 50 whp and 60 wtq to your completely stock M235, 335, 435, 535, 640 and X BMW. Installing the Burger Tuning JB Stage 1 N55 tuner takes less than 30 minutes with only 2 connections needed; It is easily uninstalled as well. Take your M235, 335 or 435 to the next level with the BMS JB stage 1 !! 


Burger Tuning JB stage 1 tune for the N55 engine. Picture showing the different harness available for the BMS JB on the M235, 335 and 435

Note: TypeB has a protruding clip while TypeA has a smooth clip. Please double check BEFORE ordering and if you can not positively identify your sensor email us a photo so we can identify it for you.



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