VRSF 7.5" Race Stepped Core Intercooler BMW N54 / N55 135 / 335

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2007-2012 BMW 135i/335i N54 & N55 Stepped 7.5" Race Intercooler Upgrade Kit

VRSF BMW 2007 – 2012 E Chassis 135,335 N54 and N55 7.5” Stepped core intercooler.
Designed for BMW with upgraded single turbo, the VRSF 7.5” stepped core FMIC is the largest intercooler available for the N54 and N55 engine. The VRSF intercooler is a direct bolt on intercooler that delivers the best cooling for your car while maintaining a very reasonable price.
The more boost your turbo makes, the more heat it will generate. This problem is solved by upgrading the stock intercooler to a bigger and better FMIC. Once you upgrade turbos, even the best intercoolers available will have problems keeping intake air temps down. VRSF 7.5” intercooler is specifically designed for the single turbo application so your BMW 135 or 335 can consistently hit maximum boost without a problem.
VRSF BMW N54 and N55 7.5” stepped core intercooler allows your car to hit target boost every single time by keeping intake air temperature low and preventing heat soak. With IAT low, chances of ECU reducing ignition timing is lower and the result is more power and consistency.

Intercooler Core

The stock intercooler core is designed to handle stock boost. When upgrading turbos, the car is making 3 times more boost than stock. Stock intercooler gets overwhelmed and cannot control temps forcing the BMW ECU to reduce timing in order to protect the engine. VRSF 7.5” stepped core is designed to handle that kind of boost and keep the intake air temps low.
VRSF 7.5” stepped core BMW 135 and 335 intercooler is 134% larger than the stock intercooler core with a volume of 1080 cubic inches. Instead of the stock tube and fin core, VRSF uses a bar and plate core. Bar and plate intercoolers keep IAT lower for a longer amount of time compared to a tube and fin intercooler. VRSF 7.5” stepped core intercooler uses an ultra-high density core with staggered and offset internal fin pack to provide the best intake air temp control while maintaining the lowest pressure drop.
VRSF 7.5” stepped core N54 and N55 intercooler is currently installed on the world’s highest horsepower N54 @ 861 WHP.

Finish & Construction

VRSF 7.5” stepped core BMW 135 and 335 intercooler features 3D CAD designed cast aluminum end tanks for improved air flow. This kind of construction is superior to other intercoolers on the market that use sheet metal end tanks. VRSF 7.5” stepped core intercooler is a one piece seamless cast end tanks perform better and last more than multiple piece end tanks.
VRSF intercooler comes in a standard bright silver coating finish to help protect against corrosion and ensure long lifespan of the intercooler under the harshest conditions.
VRSF 7.5” stepped core intercooler comes with a lifetime warranty against any defects or fitment issues.

All the hardware required to install the intercooler will be required with your shipment including custom molded couplers and stainless steel t-bolt clamps. VRSF 7.5” intercooler features tabs that allow the retention of the factory fan shroud.

Since the VRSF 7.5” intercooler is an oversized FMIC, installing the race intercooler will require trimming of the black plastic shroud behind the bumper. Trimming of the actual bumper is not required.
VRSF 7.5” race intercooler is hand finished and tested against leaks. It fits left and right hand drive model + rear wheel drive and X-drive.


Bar and plate core
High density fin pack
134% Larger stock intercooler
Cast Aluminum End Tanks
Easy install, less than 2.5 hours
Includes lifetime warranty

Fits the following BMWs

2008-2011 E82 BMW 135i
2007-2011 E90/E91/E92/E93 BMW 335i/xi
2011-2012 E92 BMW 335is

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VRSF 7.5" stepped core race intercooler BMW 135 335 N54 and N55 engines

VRSF 7.5" stepped core race intercooler BMW 135 335 N54 and N55 engines

VRSF 7.5" stepped core race intercooler BMW 135 335 N54 and N55 engines

VRSF 7.5" stepped core race intercooler BMW 135 335 N54 and N55 engines

Below is a 4th gear pull @ 35 PSI. This car made 790whp and the ambient temperature was 94 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can see there is a minimal 11 degree rise in intake temperatures and the boost maintains steadily throughout the RPM range providing adequate flow for the PTE 6466 turbo.


VRSF 7.5" stepped core race intercooler BMW 135 335 N54 and N55 engines datalogs