Vargas Turbo S55 Stage 2 Turbocharger Upgrade

27.00 LBS


WHP Level supported (with proper fuel, upgrades, and tuning) Stock-650WHP

We are proud to introduce the first in our line of S55 turbocharger products the VTT S55 Stage 2 hybrid turbochargers. If you are ready to take your S55 powered vehicle to the next level, this is the upgrade for you. A complete hybrid from Compressor to Turbine using all new OEM spec internals. We take the OEM compressor housing, bearing housing, and turbine housing, carefully machining them to accept our custom sized TD04 compressor Wheel, and our proprietary TD04L turbine wheel. By addressing both turbine and compressor wheels, it eliminates the restrictive nature of the woefully undersized stock wheel combination. By using the TD04L turbine instead of the larger TD04HL, much of the stock spool characteristics are retained, while providing as much power potential of our Stage 2+ N54 turbo upgrade.

TD04 upgraded thrust: Every set of S55 stage 2 turbos comes with a performance TD04 upgraded thrust to extend the life of the turbochargers. The stock thrust system has shown to be prone to failure and upgraded thrust parts were created to remedy this. The upgraded thrust option consists of an Upgraded thrust bearing, and a 30% increase in surface area on all complimenting thrust pieces.

We then have these wheels can support up to 650WHP with the proper tuning and fuel. We then triple balance the wheels, CHRA, and assemble them into the freshly prepared housings.

Clipped turbine wheel option: Add a 15 degree clip to the turbine wheels, this will give you the added flow you need to get the most power possible out of your S55 turbocharger upgrade. +$300. 

*Price does not include core charge of $5000 for all models, Core charge will be refunded upon receipt of cores in accordance with our core return policy. If you choose to send your cores in first, production will not begin on your turbos until they are received. 3.0% has been added to cover Paypal / Credit card fees

(Please specify vehicle model when ordering.) (Price is for both turbos)