AR Design X5/X6 N63/S63 V8 Downpipes

$1,580.07 - $1,962.07
15.00 LBS
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We are thrilled to present our E70 / E71 / E72 / X5 and X6 downpipes for the BMW N63/S63 V8 engine! These downpipes add significant power and virtually eliminate turbo lag.

Downpipes are available with both factory style connections - slip fit, and 2 bolt flanged. 

Typical gains with tuning in the 30+hp!
Includes 2 brand new OEM Bosch O2 sensors.
100% hand crafted in the USA from premium 304 Stainless Steel - flanges and O2 bungs included.
Water-jet cut 304 Stainless cat-back flanges, and CNC'd 304 Stainless V-Band flange.
100% TIG welded, argon back-purged.
Factory location O2 bungs, additional bungs for a wideband 02 sensor available.
Available with a 2000°F ceramic coating. Coatings come with a 3 year warranty against corrosion and rust to original owner.
Lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects given to original owner.